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CF Grow, Inc.

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Hi! I’m Stacy Luft and I work one on one with Entrepreneurs to help them grow from self-employed to CEO with teams and systems they can rely on.

How do I know what mistakes business owners make? Because I’ve made them myself. After years of managing other people’s businesses, I still made the same mistakes once it was MY money and assets on the line. I didn’t take the time to set up the systems I knew my business needed to grow and I was crushed under the weight of it all. I can help you avoid these pitfalls by helping you learn from me, and many other business owners’ mistakes. Teaching you how to get off the hamster wheel, or pick yourself up again if you’ve fallen down.

I earned my A.A.S. Accounting degree from Suffolk County Community College and my B.S. in Accounting and Executive M.B.A. from St. Joseph’s College.


Stacy and I have spent time getting to know each other, and it is my pleasure to recommend her. She is not only dedicated to what she does, but she’s creative and flexible in her thinking. While she has one eye on her client’s bottom line, she is not afraid to listen and explore strategies that allow her clients to expand on new ideas of how to develop their business.

Jean Summit-Riker