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Turn Your Financial Know-How
Into a Business Growth Engine

We're all about making the numbers work for you
not the other way around.

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“Only resourceful and adaptive small businesses endure longevity these day. Regardless of the industry we’re in, trends in every landscape are ever changing. CF Grow has been a great resource to myself and many other small businesses. Thank you Stacy for all of your knowledge and dedication!”

Melissa Tagariello

“Stacy and I have spent time getting to know each other, and it is my pleasure to recommend her. She is not only dedicated to what she does, but she’s creative and flexible in her thinking. While she has one eye on her client’s bottom line, she is not afraid to listen and explore strategies that allow her clients to expand on new ideas of how to develop their business.”

Jean Summit-Riker



A little about me:

I have successfully helped business owners become the CEO their business needs.

Fun Facts: Most entrepreneurs didn’t start a business to spend their time running a business. To grow a sustainable business, you need to run the business instead of letting it run you.

After ten years of providing CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Consulting, accounting, and bookkeeping services, I’ve made the transition and have refocused my business to what I love to do most. Coaching and training entrepreneurs and business owners to become the CEO that their business needs.

The Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) role in your business is an important one, and it’s one that you define. Learn how to define your version of the CEO, view your business as an investment asset while aligning it with your life goals.

As the CEO, you need to know how to evaluate your financial performance like a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), build your team like the Chief Operating Officer (COO), and execute your plans to move from Self Employed to CEO.

Hey there! Are you looking to take your business to the next level?

Our awesome tips and ideas could help you become the CEO your business needs!

Subscribe today and get ready to transform your approach to leadership. We’re excited to join you on this journey towards success!

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